Thursday, 29 September 2011

Welcome to Office Furniture Warehouse!

Here at Office Furniture Warehouse we deliver competitive prices on office furniture to customers all over the UK. Success of our company has been based on the ability to listen to the needs of the customers and provide solutions to their needs at a reasonable price.

Office Furniture can be delivered immediately or picked up from our warehouse. Creative and imaginative ideas are offered for free on how to make a fully functional office space fit the client's space, design and location needs. Years of experience working with client's, architects, and designers ensures success of the client's office needs.

Our warehouse holds many displays and seating arrangements in its 3 floors and 700 square feet building. Full service is offered for designing corporate interiors, offices and showrooms. Experts in design as well as installation can advise on preferred styles and what suits the client's needs. Noise reductions for the office is a consideration our specialists will advise on, as this could be very significant when working in an office with a great amount of people.

Some things most clients may need to think about and be advised on are:

  • Size and style of desk to ensure your requirements are met.
  • Seating, choosing the correct type of chair that is comfortable as well as matching the colour of the office interior and decor. 
  • Partitions or screening - segregation is an important consideration as well as noise reduction. Colour schemes will be considered to add to the end result.
  • Storage - storage needs such as cabinets and cupboards requirements for your space needs to be a consideration. Other items such as computer space, monitor stands and screens will also need to be considered.
Office Furniture Warehouse also recycle old furniture and help save money on new furniture. We offer a clearance service which is available to refurbish and recycle good office furniture. Most items accepted need to be in quantities of at least 20 matching items.

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